2019 World Hockey Championships: Historical Odds, +EV Trends and Betting Tips

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Last year at the 2018 IIHF World Hockey Championships: if you blindly bet $100 on the draw in all 64 games. You would have profited $3650. The draw hit 14 times out of 64 games. 14-50, +36.5u – To make sure this wasnt a fluke. We went back 10 years and found out that the draw has hit atleast 10 times per tournament 8 of the past 10 years. Only exceptions being in 2012 (4) and in 2010 (6) at the IIHF Worlds.

Number of OT games played in the IIHF Worlds per year, past 10 years:
2018: 14
2017: 15
2016: 11
2015: 15
2014: 10
2013: 10
2012: 4
2011: 11
2010: 6
2009: 13

Another useful trend found in last years IIHF Worlds – as the initial feeling here is to always tail the bottom teams on the futures market and fade the top teams, etc. The exact opposite seems to be profitable. Last year fading the bottom 4 teams on the ATS was profitable. Last year, fading SOUTH KOREA, AUSTRIA, FRANCE and BELARUS on the ATS line in games vs opponents other than themselves. Bettors went 16-4-2, +13.5u

Here are all of the +EV Trends from the 2018 IIHF WHC

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