ATP Challenger plays 11-3/4

Now that ATP paris is over its time to delve deep into the challenger events. I ran three of the four events and found quite a few profitable plays (everything 1u unless specified)


*Mousley -105 (2u) BENLINE: -210

*Saito +320 (1u) BENLINE: +145

*Klein +165 (1u) BENLINE: +110

*Kadhe +240 (1u) BENLINE: +110

*Hazawa +180(1u) BENLINE: +100

ATP Knoxville Challenger plays-

*Menendez-Maceiras +230; BENLINE- Maceiras +145

*PONWITH +200; BENLINE- Ponwith -120*** (2u play. most plays are just suggested to 1u, this is a 2u)

*Kovacheck +125; BENLINE- Kovacheck +100 (0.5u play)

*Svajda +165; BENLINE- Svadja -180 (2u)

Montevideo Challenge- (1u each)

*Olivo +195 BEN line- Olivo +100

*Meija +170 BEN line- Meija +105

*Tabilo +125 BEN line- Tabilo -125

*Ficovich +130 BEN line- Ficovich -135

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