ATP FRANCE FINALS- Djokovic v Shapovalov

in the quarters i made the mistake of fading the serb. my system said pass but i convinced myself his illness accounted for not one but three plays. bad form, follow the system.

now we have a fascinating finals- the upstart Shapovolov v the constant Djokovic.

the posted line of Novak -820, shapo +620 is quite the divide.

the BENINYA LINE comes to Djokovic -450, Shapo +450

a massive difference. this is a long term system betting program- we are going to be wagering fairly heavily on Shapo in this one. It may seem counterintuitive but in the long run we have seen great results.

8.2 to 1 is just way too high here.

BETS: Shapo +620 (0.5u)

Shapo +4.5 +110 (1u)

Shapo +1.5 sets +190 (1u)

Shapo/Djokovic O21 -120 (2.4u) TOP BET

Now keep in mind this is a syste betting method, shapolov by my measure is still 9/2 dog. Those of you who want to make money with me need to be prepped for the long haul.

good luck,

Joshua King

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