ATP France

Joshua King aka @baronvonmunch

Down to the quarters in france and every match has some interest to me, I ended up betting 3 of 4 matches in various ways.



betonline odds: +315 Garin, -375 Dimitrov

BENINYA line: +180 Garin, -180 Dimitrov


Yes this seems a lot and I find my system can overrate Garin, the clay court wiz, but he has pulled off some surprisers this year.

Despite that I, along with a few others, don’t quite trust him in big matches. I’m going to play Garin but much less than I would normally considering the BENINYA line.

Plays – O22 -120 (1.2u)

Garin +4 -120 (1.2u)

Garin +315 (1u)


Djokovic v Tsitsipas

betonline odds: Djokovic -320, Tsitsipas +270

BENINYA LINE: Djokovic -210, Tsitsipas +210

Notes: Considering Djokovic seems to have some ailment- likely the flu, hindering him. I have tsitsipas as much less of a dog than the books do. That said Tsits has also won 2 of their last three matches, so due to recent history, djokovic looking like he wants to vomit a few times a match, and the consistency of tsits we are going underdog pretty big here.

BETS: O22 -125 (2.5u)

Tsitsipas +270 (2u)

Tsitsipas +3.5 +100 (2u)

Match 3- Nadal v Tsonga

betonline odds: Nadal -420, Tsonga +350

BENINYA LINE: Nadal -350, Tsonga +350

Notes- No play here. should be a fun as hell match though!

Bets- NONE

Match 4- Shapolov v Monfils

betonline odds: shapo -115, Monfils -105

BENINYA line: shapo -120, Monfils +100

Notes: When this type of thing happens- ie- a surefire awesome close match, i bet overs usually (obv depends a bit). But here its gonna be a blast of a match

BETS- O23 -120 (4.8u) BET OF THE DAY


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