The Beninya Line

The beninya line is a system I came up with earlier this year to great success. it’s actually a combination of three systems weighted but whatever.

Using it and using a sprinkle of human intuition, travel schedules, etc allow me to create my own line upon which to base my bets.

Each day I will go through at the minimum the highest level tourneys matchups show the current book odds and list my beninya line.

Do what with it what you will. I will be posted my suggested bets playing any (well most) benline advantages with suggested unit sizes of 1 to 5. will keep track at bottom of each report.

Some days I will delve into challengers and wta and in those cases i only have a system based on two, uh, systems. so they have been about 5-8% less than my current rate.

Hope you will follow and enjoy!

Joshua King

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