Toronto vs Cleveland – Round 2. Baseball

So here we go again.

After the Toronto Raptor’s unlikely path to Cleveland and the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in May. The Toronto Blue Jays have paved their own path to Cleveland and the American League Championship Series this October.

Toronto and Cleveland will once again square off in a winner goes to the finals show down – but this time it’s in baseball.

Toronto’s Raptors lost to Cleveland’s Cavaliers last spring – but has TSN’s Kate Bierness puts it. Round 2 might go a little different.

Good news for the Tribe however. 100% of Cleveland championships won in the past 52 years have included a pitstop in Toronto.

The Cleveland Indians, who have yet to lose a game in the post-season – were quick to let the twitter universe know after their series sweep of the Boston Red Sox

📂 Cleveland Indians
📁 2016 Postseason
📁 Losses
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The Blue Jays however, fired back quickly.

Toronto Blue Jays’ President Mark Shapiro made it clear what his thoughts were about the Indians moments after their season sweep of the Texas Rangers Monday night. Shapiro didn’t shy away from his feelings when asked who he wanted to face in the ALCS.

“No, I care. I care. I want to play the Indians,” Shapiro said “To be the last two teams standing in the American League would be the single greatest thing. I love those guys. I’m pulling for those guys right up until the minute we play them, and to be able to square off against someone you respect so much and like, would be incredible.”

Shaprio, won Executive of the Year in Cleveland twice and had officially joined the Blue Jays last season after spending over 25 years in the Cleveland organization. Ross Atkins, Blue Jays current GM won a division title and clinched two playoff appearances during their 15 years together in the Cleveland front office. Shapiro did more than hint Monday night that the rivalry goes deeper than a professional level between the two organizations. “It’s something I’ve tried not to think about,” Shapiro said, “but I texted (Indians president) Chris Antonetti a two-word text about 10 minutes ago: Your turn.” Shapiro said after Toronto’s 7-6 win.

One thing is for sure. If Toronto can pull off the victory vs the tribe. We can’t have the rubber match be a football game.

Argos vs Browns wouldn’t be as entertaining.

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