Trends Worth Tracking – NFL 2019/2020 Season Wrap Up

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What you need to know for betting the NFL next season.

NFL Trends Worth Tracking – Wrap Up:

Last 9 SuperBowls:
4Q Over: 7-2, +4.37u
DOGS ML: 5-4, +3.69u
3Q Under: 4-3-2, +0.64u
Over: 5-4, +0.55u



NFL Playoffs – Since 2018:
Dogs ML: 15-18, +11.37u
Road Dogs ML: 12-16, +9.13u
Dogs ATS: 21-12, +7.11u
3Q Under: 20-12-1, +6.2u
Road Team ML: 12-18, +6.1u
Road Teams ATS: 18-12, +4.38u
Road Team ATS +6pt Teaser: 22-8, +1.79u
Under: 18-15, +1.38u

NFL Playoffs – Since 2017:
3Q Under: 25-16-3, +6.75u
Road Teams ML: 15-25, +4.41u
Road Dogs ML: 14-24, +4.11u
Road Dog ATS: 20-18, +0.2u
4Q Over: 23-20-1, +0.93u

NFL Playoffs – Since 2016:
3Q Under: 30-21-4, +6.3u
Dogs ATS: 28-25-2, +0.48u
4Q Over: 28-25-2, +0.48u

Chiefs 2019/2020 Season:
ATS: 14-5, +7.74u
ATS AS FAVS: 12-4, +6.92u
Over: 10-9, +0.1u

Niners 2019/2020 Season:
ATS: 11-7-1, +3.01u


2019/2020 NFL Season:
Prime Time Games Under: 36-20, +12.76u
Road Dogs ATS: 91-66-8, +16.81u
Road Dogs ML: 61-105, +16.87u
Road Teams ATS +6pt Teaser: 202-70-2, +19.89u
Road Teams ATS: 144-112-10, +19.04u
Road Teams ML: 125-139-1, +14.89u
Dogs ML: 94-173-1, +5.15u
Dogs ATS: 137-120-10, +4.67u


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