Why didn’t you hear about what O’Dell Beckham did after the national anthem Monday night ??

O’Dell Beckham is a polarizing figure. The New York Giants WR has unfortunately become the target of wide criticism among NFL media pundits about his on-field antics, so called ‘bad attitude’ and questionable behavior

Beckham had a incident in December of last season against the Carolina Panthers.

On Monday night Beckham had another emotional outburst that led to him making contact with a ref and receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

However, on Monday Night O’Dell Beckham did something else – that you heard nothing about. In the peak of what has been a league wide protest of the U.S. national anthem by a few select social justice advocate players. O’Dell Beckham did something gracious and patriotic. But the sports media conveniently stayed quiet.

Odell Beckham Jr going down the line and shaking every soldier’s hand after the national anthem. Video by Hobie Artigue – FOX 9 KMSP #NYGiants #Vikings #NYGvsMIN

Following the anthem which was sung by JoJo at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota. Beckham, by himself – got in line and shook the hand over every military service member that was on the field.

When asked on it, Beckham told Sporting News, “The line was a little long. I didn’t know. I got halfway through it and I had to ask one of them, ‘How many is y’all?’ He said, ‘There’s a lot of us.’ I said, ‘Well, I really appreciate what y’all do.’”
– TheSportsNews.com

Beckham, who had his career worst game vs Minnesota Monday night – has communicated feelings of being targeted by NFL media, authorities and officials and that he has been treated unfairly over the past few weeks.

Beckham echoed that statement further after the game Monday.

“If I sneeze the wrong way, it’ll be a flag,” Beckham told reporters after the game when asked whether he feels his temperament draws added attention from officials. “If I tie my shoe the wrong way it might be a fine.”


Although O’Dell Beckham Jr’s on-field antics are not always the most favourable of a professonal football player. He is still a young, highly talented and highly profiled player with a decent personal image that the NFL should be nourishing. However, for some reason – the NFL time and time again has seemingly taken every opportunity to paint O’Dell Beckham with a harsh brush. The sentiment rings even more true after the NFL sports media omitting his act of patriotism Monday night.

Way to go NFL. Keep on keepin’ on.

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