Yu Darvish’s brother sentenced to prison for illegal baseball gambling just days before his ALDS blunder.

It was reported just over a week before the ALDS that Yu Darvish’s brother was sentenced prison time for gambling on professional baseball games which included MLB games that his brother pitched in.

On September 27th, the New York Daily News and the AP reported the news of Darvish’s brother’s sentencing.

A Japanese court on Tuesday convicted the brother of Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish of gambling on baseball games, handing him a suspended prison sentence.

The Osaka District Court found Sho Darvish guilty of taking hundreds of bets on Major League Baseball and on professional baseball games in Japan last year.

The court said the 27-year-old younger brother of Yu Darvish was sentenced to two years and four months in prison, but it was suspended for five years. The court said the defendant’s gambling was limited to his group of friends and was not linked to organized crime, according to local media reports.

The younger Darvish took bets of 10,000 yen ($100) on Japanese and American professional baseball games, accepting wagers totaling about 110 million yen ($1.1 million) through the LINE social networking application, Kyodo News reported.

Sho Darvish himself bet roughly 220 million yen ($2.2 million) on the games, Kyodo said.

His arrest last year led to an investigation of his brother, Yu Darvish, but the authorities found no involvement by the Rangers star.

Sho Darvish reportedly said during his trial that he regretted causing trouble to his family and that he planned to change his surname to make their relationship less obvious.

But on Tuesday, judge Hajime Hashimoto reportedly advised Darvish that what should change are his actions, not his name.


Darvish pitched for the Texas Rangers in the ALDS Game 2 on October 7th, just ten days after his brother’s sentencing.

Darvish looked unbeatable in the first inning of game 2 and relatively acceptable through four innings of baseball. The Japenese right hander struck out 5 batters, allowed only 2 runs on 2 hits, a walk and a struck batter.

Then came the 5th inning.

Kevin Pillar started with a shot into left field on a rather odd looking gift of a high fast ball down the middle. Two batters later, Ezequiel Carrera hit another gift fast ball to right-center. Then Edwin Encarnacion hit a third gift to left. It was a feeding frenzy on Darvish who after throwing four acceptable innings – suddenly looked like a Single A rookie.

Not only was the Darvish 5th inning blunder sad to watch for Rangers fans. It was historic for the Japenese pitcher. In his four years in the MLB Darvish had never allowed four home runs in a game. It was only the third time he had allowed three. Very uncharacteristic you could say.

Betcha’ didn’t see that one coming, or did Yu ??

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